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Our E3 Predictions

Our E3 Predictions

​E3 is already upon us and we at DFG can barely contain our excitement to see what announcements come out of the "big 3" console developers. Whether or not via an official press conference or via a live stream we expect some huge moments from Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony this year. Will the Nintendo NX show up? How about the PS4k? Will Microsoft finally have a release date on its hololense? Here is our short list of predictions for each.


Windows 10 - Microsoft has been trying to merge Windows 10 and all things Xbox for a while now and we bet we only see more of this. Microsoft would stand to gain a huge influx of new players in the gaming community if it could figure out a way to bridge the gap between console and PC players.

Oculus support - Microsoft is currently not even a blimp on the new VR landscape, which with the current state of things in both shipping and price for early VR adopters Sony seem pretty well positioned to grab quite a footprint in the virtual reality market. While it may be true you can watch your movies and games from your Xbox in large format via a "theatre mode" on Oculus this is hardly a step towards VR. Though the current Xbox would have a hard time running ay type of VR headset Microsoft has already established business ties with the Facebook owned VR giant Oculus Rift and each and every Rift ships with a Xbox 1 controller packed right in. Could we be in store for an Oculus Microsoft partnership? With its emphasis on Windows 10, already established relationship with Oculus and admittedly falling behind in the console war if these two giants teamed up to bring affordable VR to the masses it could change everything. Also, wouldn't Kinect be great at scanning the room for "room scale VR"? Of course that would require...

Xbox 1.5 or project Scorpio - News has been circling for a while now that Microsoft is currently working on a newer console that would not only be more powerful but potentially enough of a workhorse it could very well run VR. Will Microsoft announce this system at this years E3? We predict if there is an Oculus partnership announced this will certainly be on the docket.

Halo 6 - This one is a gimme. With Gears of War already on the horizon then it only makes sense to give the fans what they really want right. The Halo fan base is well established and has been eagerlu chomping at te bit for a TRUE sequel to Microsoft's beloved franchise.

Hololenses release date - Okay, this one may still be a ways off but its about time we get a eal date on the upcoming Augmented Reality headset right? After being show off several times now and running a version of the newly acquired Minecraft , we at least expect a 2017 release attached to whatever new games or demos are announced with the headset. 


ZELDA ZELDA ZELDA - Okay this isn't so much of a prediction due to the fact Nintendo has been very open about them showcasing the new Zelda as much as possible this year. But here are a few thing that could shake up the crowd a little: Zelda releasing on the "NX" Nintendo's new system would almost certainly assure that the new console, whatever it si , flies of shelves on day one. Also considering none of really know if the new console could be more mobile or even capable of VR..could we be swinging our swords as Link through a virtual 3d hyrule very soon?

Nintendo "NX" the new console - Nintendo has kept its lips sealed over exactly what to expect out of the new console and the few "leaks" that were reported were proven fake, it is really hard to say exactly what the NX could be. Not to rule out a VR capable system but Nintendo does have a tradition of keeping prices pretty reasonable while targeting the family fun crowd. Thought with the Wii technology being a runaway hit it also wouldn't be out of the real of possibility. The "NX" could also go the other route and be mobile focused. We all use our smartphones everyday and not only is there a huge market for mobile devices but the big N has dominated the mobile game market up until the release of smartphones. Could this new console be a blend of the Wiiu and a mobile controller? We cant wait to find out exactly what is instore for the next generation of Miyamoto's games.

Metroid - where have you been dear Samus? Its been a long time since we have taken control of the space bounty hunter and rid the universe of the likes of Mother Brain. Could we see a resurgence of the famous genre defining 2-d metroid that hooked its claws back in us back in the day? Or will we have a new cutting edge 3d graphical Samus kicking alien behind?

Pokemon go - Nintendo has partnered with mobile game giant Niantic who developed the now well established mobile GPS game Ingress to develop a mobile, GPS, Gotta catch em all experience on smartphones. With amazing features like catching water pokemon near rivers lakes or other bodies of water od in Day night cycle II wouldn't be surprised to see Nintendo rolling out the big red carpet intro to this game. Having a pokeball in everyone's pocket is a great way to grab a part of the mobile market share and start establishing even more of a brand presence on smart devices.


Playstation 4k/Neo - With the new more powerful PlayStation 4k/Neo leak being old news at this point we really expect an announcement. Andrew House has already said the beefed up system will not be in appearance at E3 this year, this could be an elaborate ruse or it could be true that the system will not be there physically. But We would all be pretty shocked to not hear a word from Sony on the upcoming system.

Heavy focus on living room VR - Sony is well poised to take a big chunk out of the VR market. PSVR is on the horizon for this holiday season and with its affordability and already having some 40 million PS4s out in the wild it that is all you will need to run it we definitely expect a huge push towards all things VR. With the ability to keep people in the living room engaged on screen while playing with someone in the headset, PSVR has a unique advantage and appeal for a much larger market than those currently with powerful VR capable PCs and expensive first gen VR headsets.we expect to hear a lot of "VR, Living room, VR Living room."

No Mans sky VR - We at DFG predicted this way back and are sticking with our guns. The upcoming open world space exploration sim is a perfect ft for virtual reality and could be the VR exclusive that moves those $400-$600 headsets for Sony. Killer VR app..? We will have to wait and see.

Well established Franchise on VR - What would make PSVR a must have if you are a PlayStation fan? how about some of your olfd friends in a 3d space. With the big push on Vr we wouldn't be surprised to see the likes of Sly Cooper, Fat Princess, or maybe even Crash Bandicoot in completer VR form.

God of War 4 - If the rumours hold true than we can expect a completely new hero, storyline,and setting for the classic franchise. While a departure would be a risky move for sony it could also breathe new life into the francihse and lets be honest we are all VERy well traversed in the story of Kratos.

Hideo Kojima - Will the mastermind behind the Metal Gear Solid series make an appearance? After leaving Konami and starting his own studio it was announced that he would partner directly with Sony for his next project. Though still very early we wouldn't doubt that at least a small teaser from the upcoming game will be shown.

Indie love continues - It is no secret that Sony has taken up such a fondness of the local indie scene and we have all benefited greatly from that love. We expect to see this trend continue with lots of more indies on Ps4 and the relationship even extend into the new VR landscape.

True VR "gloves" - okay this one is a longshot. A VERY long shot. But lets put it here just in case. Earlier this year we reported that Sony had filed a patent for actual gloves for Vr to the likes of Sci-Fi thrillers such as Minority report bringing all of our VR dreams to life. could Sony show a early prototype at this years E3? Or is it simply too early ? Plus we already know the track record for displaying new tech on stage at press conferences isnt the greatest. We will have to wait and see.

​And there we have it. Our list of what we expect ot get out of this years E3. If there is anything you think we missed add it in the comments below and make sure to stay tuned this week to DFG for all of the announcments coming out of E3.

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