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The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth DLC Splats its Way onto PS4!

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth DLC Splats its Way onto PS4!

If you are not into treasure hunting action games or if you just are not ready to play the finale of one of the biggest series around on this Tuesday, May 10th, we have good news for you! Releasing just after Mother's Day on PSN is a great DLC pack for the top down, Zelda-esque, The Binding of Isaac. The new DLC, dubbed ​Afterbirth, features a brand new final boss and final level, along with 8 new bosses, over a thousand new room designs, and new items. These are just a few of the things packed to the brim in the new DLC.  If your a trophy hunter, then you also are in luck, as the new DLC totes a ton of new shiny virtual bragging rights. Also, with the new GREED mode a mode a la "zombies", where endless waves of enemies that rank up in difficulty spawn, players have even more reason to sacrifice their free time into this lovable, gory, soon to be classic.  For a full list of additions and features head over to the official website. Also, you can find these sweet t-shirts from The Yetee. (stained glass design) for a limited time, just click on the pictures below for more designs. 

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